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We do. We fight for our people, schools and institutions at ground level. We are unashamedly Boer/Afrikaner. We mobilize and coordinate communities in or against mass actions. In simple terms, we are an activist movement but at the same time so much more. We aim to be ready at all times to oppose actions of the EFF, ANC and SANCO. To help our young men become resilient. To help our young people to revive their sense of Nation, faith, identity and make them proud again of who and what we are. We also help the defenseless and poor of our Nation through charity.


A free, safe and prosperous future for our people. The Bittereinders is an organization that only fights for Afrikaner/Boer interests. We believe our People deserve a free and independent Fatherland in which we can protect, live out and develop our Religion, Culture, Language and Heritage. We are convinced that our People cannot continue to exist in the "new" South Africa, and that the only way to protect our way of life is by obtaining our People's freedom in our homeland under our own government. We are unashamedly against the ideas of multiculturalism, secularization, globalism and the bastardization of our people, language and culture. Our Nation has been deprived of pride, honor and any dignity. The Bittereinders will always strive to restore our lost identity, sense of community, pride, honor and brotherhood. We are a Nation that will not be condemned to the foot notes of history, we deserve a place among the nations of this world. We were only put here by treachery and weak leaders, but that injustice will be redressed by our generation. Our Nation will rise again, we will be proud again. We will experience freedom and prosperity again. Servants of the most high, against the whole world free!



The Bittereinders are a pragmatic movement which was established for the Afrikaner/Boer community. We strive to restore the lost identity, sense of community and brotherhood of our generation. We will do this by rallying and coordinating OUR people, to stand up against social, economic and racial discrimination. Together we will rebuild our language, culture and heritage!

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