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God, Nation, Fatherland, Brotherhood.

God: We, as Afrikaans of European descent, recognise our deep commitment to God, our Creator and Preserver. We realize that our calling and our nation's future is grounded in His almighty will. We see Him as the source of our strength and guidance, and we trust in His wisdom and grace in our struggle for justice and freedom.

People: We recognise ourselves as a people with a unique vocation and national interest. Born into this nation with our European origins, we are called to preserve our cultural heritage and maintain our identity in the face of all challenges. Our people are our strength, our anchor in a world of change and uncertainty. We commit ourselves to the prosperity and survival of the Boere-Afrikaner nation in all its forms.

Fatherland: We see our Fatherland as a sacred heritage that we must preserve and protect with honor and devotion. We are committed to promoting the interests of our country and our people, and to fighting against any form of oppression or foreign interference. The love for our Fatherland is a fire that burns in our hearts, and we will never let it burn out.

Brotherhood: We believe in the brotherhood of all Afrikaners, and we strive to create a community of mutual support and solidarity. Together we stand strong against the challenges ahead, and together we build a better future for our nation. We share a common vision of freedom, justice, and self-determination, and we are determined to achieve it, together as brothers and sisters in our Fatherland.


  1. Divine Sovereignty: Our movement recognizes God as the ultimate authority over our lives, our people, and our country. We submit to His will above all else, acknowledging His divine sovereignty as the cornerstone of our faith and nation.

  2. Cultural Identity: We uphold the rich heritage and traditions of the Boerevolk, rooted in Christian principles and Afrikaner culture. Our identity is sacred, and we are committed to preserving it against any attempts at dilution or assimilation.

  3. National Unity: We give priority to the unity and solidarity of our Boer nation over all internal differences. We stand together as brothers, bound by our common faith, language, and history, in the face of external threats and challenges.

  4. Management of the Country: We believe in the responsible management of our Fatherland, considering it as a gift from God and entrusting it to us. We strive to protect and care for its resources for future generations, to ensure its prosperity and vitality.

  5. Strength and Discipline: We cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual strength through discipline and dedication. As young men in a Boer Christian nationalist movement, we embrace the challenges of self-improvement and personal development, sharpening our skills and abilities to serve our God, people, and Fatherland effectively.

  6. Defense of Faith and Family: We are defenders of our Christian faith and the sanctity of the family unit. We reject the watering down of traditional values ​​and stand firm against moral decay and social decline, we preserve the spiritual and moral foundations of our society.

  7. Courage and Sacrifice: We embrace courage in the face of opposition and are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of our nation. We understand that the path of justice often requires courage and selflessness, and we are willing to pay the price for the preservation of our God-given rights and freedoms.

  8. Respect for Authority: We respect legitimate authority, recognizing its role in maintaining order and stability within our society. Yet we also hold it accountable to the principles of law and justice, refusing to blindly obey unjust legislation or oppressive regimes.

  9. Excellence in Service: We strive for excellence in everything we do, whether it is in our professional goals, community involvement, or safety service. Through our dedication and responsibility, we strive to honor our God, people, and Fatherland, leaving a legacy of integrity and honor for future generations.

  10. Eternal Hope: Based in our faith, we maintain an unwavering hope for the future of our Boer nation. Despite the trials and tribulations we may experience, we trust in God's providence and sovereignty, believing that His purpose will ultimately prevail, and our people will prosper under His guidance and protection.

NATIONAL Aspiration


WHY FREEDOM? WHY A REPUBLIC? To live out God's purpose of creation, and of which our nation planting is a continuation.


  • "Multiply", so that in the future there can be a people for the future in which man, as the crown of creation, can bring praise to the Creator, God Triune, and so that we will not be ashamed when we do not speak with the enemies in the gate (Ps. 127: 3-4).

  • "Work" means to "earn our bread in an honorable manner by the sweat of our brow", and what this means is that all work, no matter how small, is honorable and that laziness is despicable and unbiblical.

  • "Preserve" means to preserve as Jesus taught us in Joh. 14 commands, to preserve His Word and the pure Doctrine. "Preserve" also means to preserve the Divine institutions of family, law and order, and to preserve God-given boundaries between peoples and nations. That's why we sing "... that the lands of our fathers remain the lands for our children..."


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