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Reclaiming Our Heritage: The Bittereinders' Call to Protect the Houses of the Lord

Updated: March 15

RECYCLE the houses of the Lord! Who owns the historic buildings and lands of the Boers if not the Boers themselves? Some of the most beautiful churches and vernacular architecture in South Africa are occupied today by wicked Pharisees who prostitute themselves for the communist ideology of the ANC and by foreign parasites who breed a global faith of atheism. It is YOUR duty, Farmer Christian, to protect the heritage of our God! TAKE IT BACK

A Call to Action for Afrikaner Christians

The Bittereinders stands as a beacon for those who cherish and protect the heritage of our ancestors. Our mission is to safeguard the historical and spiritual legacy that has been passed down through generations of Afrikaner Christians. The time has come to reclaim the sacred spaces that hold deep cultural and religious significance for our community.

The Significance of Our Churches

The churches built by our forefathers are more than just buildings; they are monuments of faith, resilience, and communal identity. These structures, with their unique architectural beauty, symbolize the enduring spirit of the Boer people. However, in recent times, these sacred spaces have fallen into the hands of those who do not honor their historical and spiritual value.

Psalm 27: Our Guiding Light

As we embark on this journey to reclaim our heritage, we find strength and inspiration in Psalm 27:

"One thing I have desired from the Lord, this I will seek: that I may live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold and examine the loveliness of the Lord in his temple. For he hides me in his hut in the day of evil; He hides me in the hiding place of his tent; He exalts me on a rock. And now my head will be high above my enemies around me, and I will offer sacrifices in his tent with the sound of trumpets; I want to sing, yes, psalmsing to the glory of the Lord."

Join the Movement: How You Can Help

The Bittereinders is committed to launching a comprehensive program aimed at reclaiming, restoring, and preserving the historic churches and lands that belong to the Boer community. This initiative is not just about buildings; it’s about protecting our heritage and ensuring that our faith and traditions are passed down to future generations.

Ways to Get Involved

  1. Awareness and Advocacy: Spread the word about the importance of preserving our historic churches. Engage in conversations, share our mission on social media, and educate others about the significance of these sacred spaces.

  2. Volunteering: Join us in our efforts to physically restore and maintain these buildings. Your hands-on assistance can make a significant difference.

  3. Donations: Financial contributions are vital to our mission. Your support will help us fund the restoration projects, provide resources for maintenance, and ensure the longevity of these historic sites.


The houses of the Lord, built by our ancestors, are treasures that must be protected. The Bittereinders calls upon all Afrikaner Christians to rise and reclaim our heritage. Let us stand together, guided by our faith and the words of Psalm 27, to ensure that these sacred spaces remain a testament to our enduring spirit and devotion.

TAKE BACK the houses of the Lord! It is YOUR duty, Afrikaner Christian, to protect the heritage of our God! Join the Bittereinders in this noble cause. TAKE IT BACK!

Donate Now

Together, we can ensure that the houses of the Lord remain sanctuaries of faith and beacons of our heritage.

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