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The basis of our national support to the Cape was therefore strictly religious-reformed. It was also the basis of our first Vow to commemorate April 6th every year as a day of thanksgiving. ​


Our nation was formed with the Great Trek by principled believers who were prepared to leave everything behind so that they could be a free people to serve the Lord in Spirit and Truth. They faced dangers and endured great hardships. Ultimately, our human origin is connected to the Lord YHWH with the Vow of Blood River. The Boerevolk were further honed and shaped by struggle and hardship, but our ancestors stayed with their faith and through everything we realized and confessed our dependence on God. ​


Our nationalism is grounded in the biblical, Reformed Covenant doctrine. It teaches that God himself separated the nations from each other and set boundaries between the nations so that we must seek Him in a national context (Gen 11; Hd 17:26,27). For us, nationalism means that every nation must be subject to the rule of Christ. This is why the ideal of freedom is a basic characteristic of the Boerevolk: Servants of the Most High, free towards the whole world! ​


The strength of the Boerevolk comes from the Holy Spirit of God. With the power of the Holy Spirit, our people reached great heights and had a name among the nations. The Boer people were the only people who could defeat the mighty British army in the First War of Independence at Majuba. In the Second War of Independence, the British army could not defeat us on the battlefield, and had to slaughter our women and children to rob us of our freedom.

After years of struggle, we finally became independent again in 1961 and established a God-fearing national household for our Father. Our enemy, the devil, has tried everything to destroy us and has turned the whole world against us to break us economically, but by God's grace we have achieved even more despite global isolation and sanctions.

He blessed us in terms of His Covenant Promises beyond any human expectation and we gave Him the glory so that the other nations saw that our God is the Living God, the Almighty.

The devil called upon the West and the East to make war against us - from within and on our borders - but we resisted and conquered them in the power of God.

The devil's missionaries used the media and deceived our people to take the glory of the prosperity for ourselves and our religion was diluted. Eventually Liberalism prevailed - even in the Churches - and our people departed from God. The Lord punished us with traitors as leaders and we were betrayed and sold to communist terrorists who still rule over us with a foreign government. Everything we have built up has been taken from us and our people are impoverished and are scorned and humiliated in the schools and in the workplace. A large part of our people left the country to build a new future in a foreign country. Our people are despondent and hopeless.

But our God is still the Almighty, and even if it seems impossible to break free from this multicultural, imperial horror, nothing is impossible for our God. If we can and will return to Him, He will save us and set us free at the exact time He has set for it - and no one will be able to stop it. We just have to bow before Him, submit to His Lordship and confess our sins. Then we can fight in dependence on our King and Leader, Jesus Christ. We must also prepare physically and spiritually so that He can use us in the fight for freedom. Servants of the Most High - to the whole world free!

Who is a Boer? What are its characteristics?


And who is a Boervrou? ​ Biblical Priesthood, Respect towards each other, elders, ladies, other peoples (Voortrekker Manifesto) ​


Biblical Stewardship, Proud of our people and our history, Protects and defends his family and his people with everything in him.


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